Hat Blocking with Hard Stiffener


The White Purls “Lolita” Crocheted Sun Hat requires the use of Aleene’s Fabric Stiffener & Draping Liquid (or other similar liquid stiffener) to create its final hat shape.

Ultimately, you will follow the directions provided on the back of the bottle // With that in mind, here are some tips:

1. Pour a good amount on the fabric, you can add more as you go.

2. While working in the white liquid, you will notice that it can make the yarn “hairy”. To eliminate and smooth out your work, add a bit of water at the end.

3. Protect your hat-shaper and blocking mats with plastic wrap. It will make it easier to separate your work from the hat-shaper once dry.

4. Your pins wont be really good to use after they have dried with the stiffener.

5. It is important to note that Aleene’s Stiffener will leave your fabric darker so keep that in mind when selecting the color of your yarn.

And Voila!