Kick Off Summer with a Hat

With the Summer season now in session, it's very important we protect our delicate skin with a Sun Hat. White Purls has a beautiful collection of light-weight hand crocheted hats that will keep you cool and safe from the rays. These hats are carefully made-to-order using 100% Linen yarn from Japan, The perfect Summer fiber! And offered in various bright colors.

Observation Bar @ The Queen Mary with the Melanie Pillbox Hat

Today I needed some fresh inspiration. I wanted to get out of the city. With its 50 different types of wood and Art Deco style, for Long Beachians, the Queen Mary is the perfect place to feel like you left and gone somewhere without actually going anywhere! It is just around the corner, across the water. It was especially exquisite this time of year with its gigantic Christmas tree in the main shopping hall.

Geometric Fashion Trend

White Purls is all about Geometric shapes. (Just take a look at my Logo!) They are particularly flattering when placed strategically on the body. The geometric lines direct the eye to the areas you want to accentuate and in turn gives symmetry, balance, and good proportions to your overall silhouette. They help tell the story of your figure effortlessly!

6 Pearls of Wisdom

Today's blog post is dedicated to every woman. We all need pearls in our lives. Splurge! Wield the essence of your femininity through the feel of delicate pearls. Reach for the goddess within you! Below is a collection of 6 Pearl related quotes to think about while looking at the Royal Darla Pillbox hat. You're a Queen!