EMBRACE – Special Collaboration with Romeo Chocolates for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day – 2 Part Mini Series

Embrace Valentina Chocolates


Romeo with Romeo Chocolates approached me to do a collaboration with him for Valentine’s Day.  I simply could not decline!  With all the controversies surrounding LOVE these days, Romeo wanted to keep his theme open-ended.  This year’s V-Day holiday theme is “Embrace”.    In this editorial White Purl “EMBRACES” the beach in Long Beach.

Featured are two new additions to the White Purls Bridal Collection: the Valentina Pillbox Hat with Veil and the Ella Pillbox Hat.  Each are unique and can be worn during many occasions.  Both hats are lovely accessories that will add passion to your Valentine’s Day. ♥



embrace long beach

Embrace Valentina Pillbox hat

The Valentina Occasion Hat is so Romantic with its Charles Brocade design accented with pearls.

Embrace Valentina Pillbox hat

Valentina Pillbox Hat Special

Romeo Chocolates Bite

While Romeo is a Long Beach local, he is most of all a globe-trotting Chocolatier.  From his travels, he brings home unique flavors and techniques to combine into his chocolates.  One of my favorites is his Special Dark 70% El Salvador with roasted almonds bonbon.  And coincidentally, Pamela is also El Salvadorian.  They are a match made in heaven. Pardon the Cliche, but I believe Pamela also agrees. ☺

Valentina Hat with Veil

Romeo Chocolates black White

White Purls with Romeo Chocolates

Close Up of Romeo Chocolate Box



While Part 1 of the shoot followed the chocolatiers “Embrace” theme, Part 2 celebrates the fun we had that day in true White Purls’ fashion while eating chocolate.

Ella Pillbox Hat at the Park


Delicate knitted lace makes the Ella fascinator one-of-a-kind !


Ella fascinator Close Up

Romeo Chocolates Pearls BW

Pamela Trujillo loves chocolate


  • Learn more about Romeo Chocolates on his Site here or follow him on Instagram @romeochocolates.  In both places you will find additional White Purls photography.
  • If you like Pamela’s artistry, you can follow or contact her on instagram.


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