Cocktail Trends – Make Way for the Tequila!

♥ Step Aside Whiskey! Tequila is coming out Tonight! 
This week I would like to formally introduce Pamela Trujillo. Not only does she model for White Purls, she is an expert Mixologist and well known among Long Beach’s cocktail scene.  Her bartending style marries new concepts with old techniques while staying true to her El Salvadorian roots.  
Pamela Trujillo Posing for Sol Bartending while wearing the Pamela Pillbox Hat by White Purls
Can you feel the energy?!  While I was styling Pamela during her latest business campaign for Sol Bartending, I got a bit of intel on the latest cocktail trends.   Brace yourself for the scoop, baby!


When we think vintage cocktails, we think whiskey.  It’s dead set in our minds, especially with the help of our favorite tv series Madmen. (And so many others!  Have you noticed the increased trend in casual drinking on television?)  We’ve got the Old Fashioned, the Manhattan, the Whiskey Sour, the Sazerac the list goes on… For that reason, Pamela is currently raising our awareness to Tequila, a liquor that is misunderstood. She finds that tequila is underused and not given an equal opportunity to shine.  Clearly, it’s not getting the attention it deserves!  As a result, this Fall Cocktail Queen Pamela is introducing a delectable cocktail recipe that will give whiskey a run for its money.  A tequila recipe so
delicious, whiskey will have to take the back seat for once.
Pamela Trujillo Posing for Sol Bartending while wearing the Pamela Pillbox Hat by White Purls
Pamela will be launching her official Sol Bartending website at the end of the month where you will be able to get in depth information on her delectable cocktails and event booking information.
For you whiskey drinkers, the transition is smooth!  It won’t be a shock to your system as it tastes very similar to a whiskey drink with a hint of butterscotch and spice.  Take a moment right now to print this out, all your friends will think you’ve been moonlighting as a bartender.
Death of Fall Cocktail Recipe by Pamela Trujillo - Recipe Card Print Out
Pamela Trujillo Posing for Sol Bartending while wearing the Pamela Pillbox Hat by White Purls
Not only does the Pamela Pillbox Hat, with its Red Tail Pheasant feathers, complement this look perfectly it also fits in magically with the forest scene.
If you are in Long Beach, come make her acquaintance at James Republic where you can have a taste of her most divine creations.  And if you can’t get enough (because surely you won’t!), contact Sol Bartending by Email or Instagram for your upcoming event.  

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