Dream Wedding on the Beach

White Purls Wedding at the Beach in Long Beach, CA

A wedding on the beach is Elegant and so Romantic.  It’s magical!


The sound of waves crashing, the ocean air, and miles of sand…  We’ve seen these weddings in movies… (the perfect ending in 27 Dresses!!!)  The bride’s hair and flowing dress blows in the wind… the arch decorated in flowers also fluttering in the breeze… the guests sitting under the sun, sweating in their Sunday’s best…  Their shoes and socks falling victim to the sand… How do you walk on sand in high heels anyway?


Is this your idea of a dream wedding? Yes! The camera only captures the best moments. After all, the photos are what matter most, right?  Thankfully the unfavorable aspects of a beach wedding are promptly forgotten after a visit to the open bar.


Maybe that’s where I’ll have my wedding!  Of course, I need a man to propose to me first… The boyfriend, needs to get it together and “just do it” like Nike! (That was a 90’s joke!)


The Galen Bridal Hat by White Purls
I had a “bright” ~ sun and water theme in mind for the Galen bridal hat but once we got down to the beach, we were received with this dramatic somber sky instead which made the photos so dynamic!

After looking through the photos, I found many parallels with the music video for Guns N’ Roses – November Rain (the skies and wedding theme…)  Have you ever seen it?  It hits you straight in the face ~ It’s intense and so dramatic! Plus the song never ends! But what else can you expect!?  Oh and Please don’t mind the commercial before the song begins…   

The Galen Bridal Hat by White Purls at the Beach
The Galen Bridal Hat by White Purls
The Galen Pillbox Hat
The Galen Bridal Hat by White Purls with the International Tower

… a little about the International Tower …

For my love of Long Beach: Behind me is the International Tower Condo Building.  Do you see that cylinder shaped building? I never thought much about this circular structure until today!  Upon doing some research I learned that it was originally built in 1965.  It is so unique in that the buildings structure isn’t on the outside, like most buildings.  The International Tower has its structural system at the core.  This spine-like structure is what creates the illusion of each floor being suspended midair.
Are you familiar with the early 1960’s Hanna Barbera television cartoon series, “The Jetson’s”? Many refer to this building as “the George Jetson building” because it resembles the home of the Jetsons.  Yeah, I see the resemblance.

The architectural style reflected what it meant to be an American during that period, totally optimistic with a new energy and the sky was the limit.”Official Website of the International Tower 
Photo References Below

The Galen Bridal Hat by White Purls

…sharing the love…


Have you thought about having your wedding on the beach?  What is your dream wedding?


Photo References: 
Floor Plan Photo – Photo Courtesy: Official Website of the International Tower 
Original Artist Conception – Photo Courtesy: Official Website of the International Tower 
International Tower Photo Courtesy: Beach Cities Real Estate
Jetsons photos from Google Search

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